We renew our commitment with the Global Compact

We renew our commitment with the Global Compact

02 Aug 2022

More than a year ago we embarked on this new journey as a multinational company in the wind and renewable energy sector as nabla wind hub, and much before we made public the new corporate brand and the merger of our companies, it was clear to us that the core of our strategy had to be always based on sustainability.

The word sustainability is often confused with the environment and environmental care only, but it is the basis that encompasses other major pillars such as society, economy, and industry.

As a provider of wind energy solutions, and thus a company operating in the renewable energy sector, it is taken for granted that we already have the "sustainable company label", when in practice, we still have many steps to take in this direction as a company and as part of society to become sustainable at all levels.

At nabla we are taking action against early dismantling of the wind farms, promoting longer lifespan of wind farms and circular economy. With our life extension technology we ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns, and we reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions generated as a result of poor maintenance management of the wind turbines.

With our services and products, we contribute to making wind power a competitive source of energy in the long term. The wind asset redevelopment is key to reduce the levelized cost of energy in order to turn wind power into an affordable and reliable source of energy for the energy transition, providing clean energy to the world.

This is our raison d'être, the main reason why we do what we do, and what defines us as a company, and as part of a society which nowadays is facing a real big challenge, is to evolve towards a sustainable welfare economy, supporting climate change mitigation to achieve the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, while ensuring a fair transition that leaves no one behind.

This year we have renewed our commitment to keep working towards sustainability, reaffirming our support of the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption. This commitment has been a push to continue defining actions to implement, and to work day by day on a positive balance in the company, thinking and acting sustainable in every step of the way (or at least trying to, as this is our main goal in terms of company culture).

During 2021-2022 we have redefined quality and environmental policies to achieve our goals, as well as we have worked on new anti-bribery and corruption policies. We have enrolled the programme Target Gender Equality, which aims to taking action to advance women's leadership and representation in our business. And so many more actions that we have collected in our progress in sustainability report.

By aligning our activity to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), putting all our efforts into the four pillars mentioned before, we believe it is possible to make a change, to always improve, and to reach our goal of being a sustainable company in all aspects of our business, as to deliver, in this way, long-term high value for our stakeholders.