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the nextGEN wind solutions group

Nabla wind hub is an independent solution provider for life extension and performance improvement of wind turbines, specialized in wind assets’ redevelopment in a post-subsidies market.

Life extension and performance improvement of wind farms, and long-term maintenance plans, are the keys of our company to unlock the hidden potential of your wind farm and fuel the transition to green energies worldwide.

In January 2021, the companies, ROMO Wind, eTa Blades and nabla wind power, came together to create nabla wind hub, an independent solution provider in the wind energy sector shaped to bring unique asset redevelopment services worldwide.

With the merge of the three companies and the joining forces, nowadays the nabla wind hub group offers the customer a wider range and top level solutions for the life extension of wind farms; from new technologies in life extension such as the rerotoring solutions, to the latest solutions in wind farm monitoring and wind measurement.

To date, the company counts with 2 subsidiaries, one located in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) and the second in Fano (Italy), being this last one the composite manufacturing plant where all the new wind developments are tested and produced, such as the blades and the tips.

Thanks to our life extension, performance improvement, and O&M optimization techniques, we contribute to making wind power a competitive source of energy in the long term.

Nabla wind hub’s wind asset redevelopment is key to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in order to turn wind power into an affordable and reliable source of energy for the energy transition, providing clean energy to the world, at the same time that enables the full operation of the asset.

the keys of life extension

life extension

up to 40 years

Pave the way for up to 40 years of electrical production, controlling the risk in the long term. Knowledge lowers risk, lowering LCOE.

maintenance costs optimization

save up to 9% OPEX

Deploy preventive site condition based long term maintenance plans, based on high accuracy predictive analyses and advanced O&M engineering.

performance improvement

up to +25% AEP

State of the art in-house rerotoring solutions, tailor made for your site and platform, unlocking higher AEP.