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We believe in our human resources, and we invest on them

We promote our teams training them on the specific jobs we need for the company's development and expanding and specializing their skills and knowledge so that they have a path within the company and a clear vision of the future.

Behind our technology there is people and a wealth of knowledge led by great teams.

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Life extension regulation

We participate in the IEC by leading working groups for the drafting of the international standard on life extension IEC-61400-28.

Target Gender Equality programme

At nabla we are proudly taking action to advance women's leadership & representation in our business through our participation in the Target Gender Equality, an accelerator programme from the UN Global Compact.

The participation in the programme derives from our efforts to keep working on the equality plan in our company, in order to achieve equality in all aspects of it and aims to re-educate people in terms of equality and human rights, trying to make a positive impact not only internally but in our society too.