economic impact

Reducing the LCOE

We aim to encourage a sustainable economic growth through our technical innovations based on life extension and performance improvement of the wind farms worldwide.

One of our main goals is to find efficient solutions to nowadays environmental, social and economic challenges trough technological innovation, as promoting clean energy or creating new jobs.

With our life extension we seek for reducing the LCOE

By the combination of our life extension (up to 40 years) and our O&M optimization techniques (through predictive and preventive actions), we can significantly reduce the LCOE per kWh generated.

Using predictive analytics, we minimize failures and reduce unnecessary maintenance, mitigating the consequences of operational interruption and helping to reduce OPEX by up to %9, which normally translates into a %10 of decrease in LCOE.

Creating long-term employment thanks to life extension

The local employability that is created around a wind farm is extended in time about 20 years longer than expected. This means a longer-term job offer for the direct and indirect jobs at the wind farm, and thus more wealth for the territory, and the support of a larger local economy.