advanced M&A

differenciated strategy

Improve your investment case

Maximize your investment in wind energy.
Extend life 20 years for the 50% of repowering CAPEX.
Reduce your footprint by 40% and increase your AEP by up to 25%.

  • Build, consolidate or rotate your wind portfolio using robust technologies beyond standard.
  • Use the best assumptions for your financial model: CapEx, OpEx , AEP, Life Extension.
  • Define your tailor-made preventive O&M plan to ensure your predictable long term value.
  • Understand PV co-location impacts and improvements.
  • Master in detail your platform setup, your site, your layout, and your options.
  • More than 500 wind farms analysed worldwide.
  • Senior experts able to support financial and technical key decisions.


Maximise the value of your investments, doubling the business case


Minimize your LCOE in long term scenarios, up to 40 years


A solid basis for partial repowering and/or PV co-location investments