Nabla launches a revolutionary wind measurement & monitoring solution for wind farms: the Nabla Guardian

Nabla launches a revolutionary wind measurement & monitoring solution for wind farms: the Nabla Guardian

17 Jan 2024

Motivated by the growing demand for advanced wind measurement and monitoring solutions, Nabla Guardian, the latest version of the Nabla Analytics, combines cutting-edge technologies to provide a real and tangible answer to market needs. The key components of this hardware-software solution for Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) monitoring include:

  • The iSpin - UX spinner anemometer IEC-61400-12 compliant
  • Specific independent aeroelastic models IEC61400-28 compliant
  • Advanced performance measurement engine
  • Advanced extreme loads detection engine
  • Advanced fatigue accumulation measurement engine

The unique combination between our iSpin technology and in-house aeroelastic models enables Nabla Guardian to measure a comprehensive set of parameters critical to wind turbine performance and structural health. Parameters measured include:

  • Power Curve Measurement vs OEM IEC61400-12-2 compliant
  • Yaw Misalignment and its impact on performance and loads
  • Rotor Speed
  • Annual Energy Production
  • Wind speed
  • Air temperature
  • Inflow angle
  • Turbulence Intensity
  • Extreme loads per component IEC61400-28 compliant
  • Fatigue accumulation and time to failure per component IEC61400-28 compliant

As of today, we are working on the latest upgrade of the Nabla Guardian’s interface where all these parameters will be plotted 24/7 and will be updated with the highest possible frequency, dependent on SCADA data flow and site connectivity for the iSpin system.

In case of detected consistent underperformance, the Nabla Guardian can analyze, identify, and/or discard eight possible causes related, including: Yaw Misalignment, Incorrect Rotor Speed, Incorrect Vin and Vout, Incorrect Pitch Angle, Incorrect measurements from the nacelle anemometer, High Turbulence, Excessive/Optimizable WSM, and Ice Accretion.

Upon the customer’s request, a detailed report can be produced based on these identified causes.

Nabla Guardian's impact in the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is extensive, providing:

  • Mitigation measure against long-term Power Curve degradation
  • Independent and accurate data for performance or failures Root Cause Analyses
  • Optimization of availability via predictive info for preventive actions and replacements' management
  • Obtaining the asset's health status at any time (M&As; life detection and life extension potential)
  • Non-interference in the Full-Scale Assessment (FSA) or Operations and Maintenance (O&M): totally harmless to the WTG
  • Win-Win with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): sound data for fine-tuning
  • High precision measurements as a basis for retrofits study in Mid-Life (rerotoring, recontrolling, aerodynamic addons), or partial repowering actions
  • Prevention of major cracks/failures (extreme loads and fatigue monitoring) avoiding financial and reputational risks
  • Allows met mast-equivalent resource characterization (10Hz)

All contributing to lowering LCOE while increasing IRR, in the long term and with consistency.

We believe that the Nabla Guardian solution represents a significant leap forward in wind turbine monitoring technology as it does not only meet but exceeds industry standards, providing valuable data for optimizing performance and ensuring a long lifespan of wind turbines.

Nabla invites industry professionals and stakeholders to explore the new features of the Nabla Guardian and experience firsthand the next generation of wind turbine monitoring.

Take a virtual tour through the Nabla Guardian here.

For more information, please contact: Ahmed Moussa, Head of Business Development at Nabla Wind Hub (