environmental impact

greener and more sustainable processes

With our life extension and performance improvement wind farm solutions we mitigate the climate change, by avoiding the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

As a wind energy solution provider business, we work to encourage an alternative energy source that thanks to our technology is becoming more affordable and cheaper and that it is more environmentally friendly than gas, geothermal, coal, or nuclear.

Life extension for greener and more sustainable processes

90% of the CO2 emissions are concentrated in manufacturing and EPC activities within the life cycle of a wind farm.

Thus, extending the life of a wind farm to 40 years gives us a return of eliminating one manufacturing and EPC process in the total period, which practically reduces the carbon footprint of the wind farm by 40%.

ordinary wind farm

20 year wind farm – C02 footprint

5g CO2 eq/kWh onshore
10g CO2 eq/kWh offshore

wind farm with nabla

40 year wind farm – C02 footprint

3g CO2 eq/kWh onshore
6g CO2 eq/kWh offshore

In the same way, life extension contributes not only to mitigating the C02 emissions that come from the manufacturing and EPC activities, but to distance the moments of stress generated in nature arise from commissioning and decommissioning dates.