Nabla wind hub lands in Japan with the latest in wind farm technology

Nabla wind hub lands in Japan with the latest in wind farm technology

24 Oct 2022

Last week, Ruben Ruiz de Gordejuela, CTO at nabla wind hub, and Ahmed Moussa Caramés, Head of Business Development of nabla, were flying to Japan to present the latest in wind farm O&M technology.

Motivated by the interest shown in nabla’s advanced O&M technologies from the Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute (FREA), and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), our delegates landed in Fukushima (Japan) to speak as experts in wind farm optimization, offering a workshop about the latest trends in terms of O&M technology in the wind industry.

The most expected part of the seminar was undoubtedly the presentation of the newest monitoring tool for wind farms, nabla analytics, through which attendees were able to take a virtual tour around the real analytics platform, check the different KPI dashboards with a demo session, which displayed demo-data in real time, and preview the new look & feel of the platform in premiere.

Along with it, the different applications and functionalities of the ispin anemometer sensor while connecting with the nabla analytics tool were also shown and studied, with a full-scale anemometer in vivo.

Nabla wind hub’s technology is based on our in-house redevelopment concept, which seeks life extension of wind turbines, performance improvement and operation optimization, using the aeroelastic and reliability models as main engines.

In the same days, nabla’s delegates attended the 11th FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial Fair (REIF) along with other Basque Cluster members of the wind sector, in which the main topic was to address the carbon neutrality in Fukushima by 2050 fuel by renewable energy.

Days of jet lag, full schedules, visits, transfers and connections, have been worth it for this unique experience. We would like to give thanks to the FREA and AIST for the invitation, and the trust placed on us.


Nabla Wind Hub lands in Japan