nabla analytics

life extension and performance, measured

Nabla Analytics is an online turbines health monitoring tool which is described as a 24/7 multiplatform server data that can monitor the assets in a multi-level approach (from unit to wind farm, fleets per platform and fleets per country), and that provides an independent and multitechnology Hybrid Data Analytics tool.

Nabla Analytics merges:

  • SCADA data available
  • With performance analysis carried out with Aeroelastic Physical Models, creating all performance KPIs beyond the "virtual machine concept"
  • And following same Health Care Monitoring concept as is standard in medical sector
  • Evaluating Life Extension, the effect of Performance Improvement on the turbines and leading to conditions based predictive maintenance
  • Nabla wind hub will use the online data of assets performance (SCADA) uploaded by the Client (frequency 10 minutes) in an interface server and will run the Monitoring Engines real time in own Nabla servers, delivering the results of the Engines in the interface server (frequency 10 minutes) so that the Client can use them to represent the data in their own dashboards

Nabla Analytics consists of 4 Monitoring Engines:

1. Life Expectancy

  • Controlling all possible deviations in Life Expectancy per component with real time records of wind and operation
  • Redefining and consolidating life expectancy from the moment that Nabla Analytics is implemented
  • Triggering an alarm when uncontrolled life consumption regimes are detected
  • Bringing direct inputs and alerts for asset managers and maintenance teams

2. Extreme Events Detection

  • Track of the Extreme Overloads per component that occur in the wind turbines associated to extreme wind conditions and/or extreme operation conditions
  • Triggering an alarm when dangerous loads are detected and identifying sub-component and most probable failure mode
  • Bringing direct inputs and alerts for asset managers and maintenance teams in real time to prevent local failures to progress to a catastrophic failure

3. Performance Monitoring

  • Monitoring All relevant parameters related to performance
  • Evaluating continuously the differences between forecasted and real revenues
  • Identifying the limiting factors and the causes for misperforming
  • Triggering immediate launch of troubleshooting actions in order to maximize cash-in

In a flexible format: the tool is designed to be modular and to be embedded within own clients asset monitoring tool (e.g. only Life and Extreme Events Modules), facilitating the access of all information in the single application that the client uses

Next Benefits will derive from Nabla Analytics implementation:

  • Realistic Asset Monitoring: even with limited data set, Nabla Analytics is able to work properly with a reduced number of SCADA channels and the ten-minute data available by owner due to its unique Hybrid Data Analytics architecture and the embedding inside the engine of the Aeroelastic Models developed by Nabla wind hub.
  • Anticipating Failures: before they progress to catastrophic failures, due to its Extreme Events and Life monitoring Dashboards.
  • Safeguarding Life: making sure that the Target Long Term Life Expectancy is controlled and identifying when real wind and operation conditions lead to an uncontrolled life consumption regime.
  • Independent Tool: with no need at all of OEM inputs, the tool helps understanding of asset performance, and bringing quality data with full transparency directly to owners.
  • Multitechnology: based on Nabla aeroelastic models as baseline, Nabla Analytics is a multi-platform unique solution for fleets of different turbines.
  • Controlling the effect of Power Upgrades on the turbines, ensuring a sane long term operation
  • Engineering Intelligence: real-time solution that allows an optimization of asset performance and maintenance protocols, leading to gain technical control of the assets.
  • Low Uncertainty Tool: effective results to support best decisions in asset management, ensuring a successful long-term operation best framing life extension plans, thanks to its unique Hybrid Data Analytics architecture.
  • KEY for a true predictive and Condition Based Maintenance Strategy on most holistic approach addressing all structural components.

Medical sector

Creates baselines and KPIs for health surveillance for each individual based on physical models.

Based on individual specific conditions.

Based on genetics and congenital factors.

Carries out periodic measurements, tests and analysis comparison with baselines.

Comparing real performance with baselines for proper health surveillance and triggering of actions.

Nabla Analytics solution

Creates baselines and KPIs for performance and structural health based on physical models.

Based on site specific conditions.

Based on turbine design characteristics.

Carries out wind, vibrations and SCADA measurements comparison with baselines.

Comparing real performance with baselines for proper health surveillance and triggering of actions.