aim higher

Re-rotoring solutions are becoming very popular in the wind industry given the reliability shown by many platforms in their mid life, bringing very interesting potential for energy production increases, ranging from 5% to 15%, or more in some specific cases.

The basis for this success is that:

  • In many cases turbine wind design conditions are very conservative compared to reality of sites
  • This means that many wind farms have a huge potential to be unlocked
  • The rotor diameter is key for energy production
  • The blades are key elements for creating loads on the structures and for fatigue life spectra
  • Acting in the blades with tailored designs can maximize energy production and life expectancy

All this is achievable when:

  • Real site specific loads are kept inside turbine margins of safety and reserve factors
  • Ensuring a safe long term operation
  • And allowing a longer life extension by means of low loaded blade designs:
    • Advanced aerodynamics (slender blades)
    • Light blades (carbon blades)
    • Designed to be plug&play on the turbine