one step beyond

maximize your assets

Each existing wind farm can be redeveloped to maximize IRR.
Redevelopment consists of unlocking the hidden potential that the site-specific conditions are allowing.

Revenues: Asset Redevelopment

standard business case:

  • 20 years
  • standard O&M costs
  • original performance
  • typical PPA + pool energy price

redevelopment business case:

  • up to 40 years
  • optimized O&M costs
  • performance improvement
  • redevelopment from year 13
  • long term energy price projections

life extension: from standard 20 years to 30, 35 or 40

reduce O&M costs: from 4% to 8%

increase Energy Annual Yield: from +5% to +25%

  • Life extension is the basis to maximise yield, and grant predictable long term recurrent fees, while accommodating any re-investment on partial repowering to increase the performance.
  • Performance improvement can be achieved through re-rotoring (tips, and blades), aerodynamic add-ons, controller retrofits, drive train retrofits, all of them safely designed to keep the asset inside the design boundaries.
  • Operation optimisation can be achieved thanks to state-of-the-art predictive tools, that ensure lowest uncertainty when it comes to formulate long term preventive O&M schemes, which are coupled with advanced structural and operational monitoring tools as the SmartData by nabla.