Take your wind farm to the next level with nabla configurator!

Take your wind farm to the next level with nabla configurator!

30 Jun 2022

After months of testing, adjusting the algorithm, and designing the best UX for our clients, finally today we are launching the nabla configurator! The only life extension and performance improvement simulator of the wind industry, able to give tailor-made wind farm optimisation reports highlighting the specific opportunities that site and platforms are offering.

nabla configurator is a 3-easy-step simulator with which you can play and test your own wind farm in order to get the most of it, thanks to the different technologies and solutions offered, for each site specific conditions and platform class.

With nabla configurator you will be able to build your own wind farm online, optimise it with the different available solutions, and see the positive outcome that these bring, unlocking the hidden potential of your wind power plant.

Depending on the asset, you will be able to achieve up to 10% increases in the AEP by implementing, for example, our retipping solution, or you can save up to 10% of the LCOE with our nabla analytics monitoring tool. All this, collected in a customizable screen where you can activate/deactivate the solutions to your wish.

Moreover, the configurator enables the user to get a free report after testing, with all the outcomes achieved by the implementation of each nabla solution for life extension and performance improvement.

Ready for action? Give a try out to our new service located in our website for the use and consultation of anyone interested and start revaluating your asset!