Nabla analytics, the latest wind farm monitoring tool

Nabla analytics, the latest wind farm monitoring tool

20 Apr 2022

After months of testing, adjusting new features, and designing changes to ensure an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, we are launching today the most demanded product by our clients: nabla analytics. A monitoring tool that has no competitor in the market as it is the only one able to forecast fatigue driven failures and give clear O&M solutions.

Nabla analytics is an O&M tool designed to help controlling the operational risk within each year, not only providing predictive information helpful to support medium-term planning of the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), but also to ensure asset valuation for strategic transactions (VDD – Vendor Due Diligences, M&A – Merger and Acquisition).

Nabla analytics is fuelled by precise specific independent aeroelastic models (built and validated following recommendations from IEC61400-28 standard), wind measurements, O&M track record, SCADAs, WTG platform knowledge, and finite element analyses of components (including different multiaxial fatigue analysis), that result in predictions of the time to failure per component, and per wind turbine.

With nabla analtytics, operators and asset managers can now count with an actual forecasted preventive OPEX to add to the fixed OPEX arising their O&M contracts, and confront it with the wind farm’s performance, which nabla analytics measures too, checking real availability and performance versus the contractual ones.

Moreover, nabla analytics is able to detect extreme events causing extreme loads and send "structural" alarms to the operation team, preventing this way big operational and reputational risks.

Following with our continuous life extension and performance improvement mindset, nabla analytics becomes key in lowering LCOE – Levelized Cost of Energy, while maintaining the value of the wind assets as high as possible. It can also be connected to our iSpin anemometer for wind measurements to detect gusts or states happening within the 10min SCADA registers, plus providing precise data on wind conditions, YMA – Yaw Misalignment, and power curve characteristic (on demand IEC61400-12-2 compliant).

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