Attending the event of the year at the WindEurope 2022

Attending the event of the year at the WindEurope 2022

11 Apr 2022

For the first time this year we have had the opportunity and pleasure of participating as exhibitors in one of the key annual wind energy industry events, the WindEurope 2022.

The event, that took place the days 5-7 April in Bilbao, hosted nearly 10000 visitors and addressed the issues related to the need of increasing the wind energy capacity from today’s 190GW up to 480GW by 2030, in order to improve Europe’s energy mix, by achieving independence from oil & gas imports; and the challenges we face today of simplifying permitting while increasing grid capacities to accommodate the new onshore and offshore wind farms.

It has become the finest place to be, where great discussions with amazing professionals have arisen regarding the crucial situation in which we find ourselves in Europe looking towards renewables.

We learnt and shared about new technologies, global challenges, and outstanding commercial opportunities, but overall, we talked about social responsibility and environmental care. It has been inspirational to see in all the conversations, regardless of the people’s backgrounds, a common trait that drives us all to keep working to improve and democratize the wind industry, which is a key actor for a sustainable future.

In nabla wind hub, we believe that the wind energy is part of this greener future, and we work for accelerating the energy transition with our solutions.

Thanks to all of you who came to meet us and visited our stand.

Take a look to our white paper to see other ways of reducing the effects of climate change, while increasing the availability of electricity with renewable energy sources.