ageing management plans

life extension, implemented

A Specific AMP - Ageing Management Plan can be launch on a specific component in order to identify in detail the ageing models and effects and adapt the maintenance protocols in order to reduce risks and costs.

The Ageing Management Plans of nabla will address in detail, component per component, the fatigue accumulation to reach the life extension target. This AMP comes as a result of:

  • the results of the Practical Assessment and Inspections
  • the results of Life Expectancy of the component
  • expected failure rate and associated Costs in the Reliability Model
  • Maintenance FMECA

AMPs consists of several tasks:

  • FEM - Finite Element Modeling
  • FEA - Finite Element Analysis
  • Damage Tolerance Analysis:
    • Critical crack length (both elastic and plastic checks)
    • Crack Propagation Pattern
    • Leading to the build-up of the risk evaluation criteria for cracks, determining, given a certain crack and its length, how this crack will propagate and when will it become critical
  • Adaptation of Maintenance Protocols:
    • Specific inspections and test to be done
    • Inspections Frequency
  • Detail definition of the reinforcements