finite element modeling

highest accuracy

When for further works it is required to perform a detailed structural analysis with FEM – Finite Element Modeling of the different turbine components, a specific Measurement campaign must be done in order to obtain the detailed geometry of the components.

Such measurement campaign is carried out on an on-site specimen and consists of advanced internal geometries 3D laser scans.

Nabla FEMs are:

  • Based on detailed surface acquisition measurement campaign combining 3D laser scanners and hand 3D light scanners
  • Followed by CAD surfaces parametrization providing the assembly STP models per component and for the complete drive train

Allowing detailed risk assessments but also maintenance and replacement protocols for main components such as

  • Generator
  • Gearbox
  • Main Shaft
  • Blade
  • Blade Bearing
  • Transformer

Such Protocols will consist of:

  • Identification of Lifting Points and CGs for the components
    • Plus Full Rotor, Nacelle Lid and Generator Cooler when protocol requires
  • Identification of fields in ID plates, manufacturer and references
  • Replacement steps and characteristics to be used for detailed tooling design and description of interfaces
    • Including full rotor download process
    • Interfaces shall cover all relevant joints between components and with tooling:
      • Blade to lifting tool
      • Blade to bearing
      • Bearing to Hub
      • Hub to lifting device/rigging
      • Hub to Main Shaft
      • Main Shaft to Gearbox
      • Pillow Block/Main Shaft to Bedplate
      • Pitch System
      • Gearbox and High Speed Shaft/Coupling to Unbalanced Rotor Turning Tool
      • Blade to Blade Stand
  • Definition of supports of components on the ground, for gearboxes, blades, main shaft and transformer
  • Definition of process of uploading tools up-tower, defining available systems (crane, elevator), and tower platform hatches sizes