technology acquisition

more than 50 wind turbine aeroelastic models already developed and validated

nabla wind hub has more than 50 wind turbine aeroelastic models already developed and validated. However, when a new technology needs to be developed, nabla wind hub needs to make measurement campaign for creating the boundary conditions for aeroelastic modeling of the turbine.

Such measurement campaign consists of:

  • 3D Laserscan of turbine External Surface
  • Ultrasonic Measurements
  • SCADAs

More particularly the process will consist of:

1. Geometrical Model Build-Up

Nabla wind hub will assemble the 3D Laser and Ultrasonic measuring measurements of the specific turbine model leading to the creation of the geometrical and aerodynamic model

2. Aerodynamic Model Build-Up

Based on geometries identification, extensive nabla wind hub database of wind tunnel measurements of airfoils and aerodynamic analysis of each blade airfoil and the different components, every aerodynamic performance parameter will be built. 3D Rotational, Mach number and Reynolds number corrections will be implemented.

Power curve validation

3. Structural and Mass Models Build-Up

All design loads-structural analysis cycles will be carried out up to achieving an structural sizing of the components which reproduce the technical specifications in terms of linear mass distributions, stiffness and eigenfrequencies of the turbines to be implemented in the aeroelastic model. In addition, the model will be adapted to reality of supplied components at the wind farm (e.g. modeling blades with overweight or different mass moments) in order to obtain most detail realistic model at the wind farm. All main components will be sized:

  • Blades and its substructures
  • Hub and Mainframe
  • Drive Train
  • Tower
  • Foundation

4. Validation of the Aeroelastic Model

A model sanity validation will be carried out in 3 ways:

  • Structural responses
  • Controller Statistics
  • Dynamic power curve

Optionally we can also perform:

  • Eigenfrequencies Measurement campaign
  • Loads Measurement Campaign