We received the 2020 Green Deal award

We received the 2020 Green Deal award

19 Nov 2021

The Green Deal awards is an event held every year to recognise those companies, part of the Green Deal Community, which stand out for their implemented actions to reduce the negative environmental impact of their activity and improve their relationship with the environment and the planet.

In 2020, nabla wind power (now, nabla wind hub group) participated in the awards with a paper about the positive environmental impact of extending the life of wind farms, through the redevelopment of the same, along with other 23 companies from Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) also in the running for the distinction.

This year, after the pandemic restrictions have been overcome, we received the award in the small companies category for our paper about life extension, a project which aims to increase the years of clean electricity production and, in the same way, to reduce the environmental footprint of the commissioning and decommissioning of the wind farm that is now last 40 years instead of the common 20-year basis.

With this recognition we would like to inspire others to outstand in the good practices that improve our environment and make a small difference in the way companies operate. The challenge of reducing the environmental footprint commits all the companies and individuals.

Congratulations Ideolab and Electra-Vitoria Orona for being winners as well of this VI 2020 edition, as well as, Huerta La Esmeralda, Siteco, and Zayer for making a difference this year in the VII 2021 Edition.

We continue to work towards a more sustainable world and against the climate change.