Every Day is Women’s Day

Every Day is Women’s Day

28 Mar 2023

This month of March at nabla we have dressed in purple. From our Equality Committee we have carried out a campaign with the aim of raising awareness, not only internally but externally, among our professional and industrial colleagues, about the critical situation in which we continue to find ourselves in terms of equality within the renewable energy industry, and in society in general.

A year ago, on the same occasion of the 8th of March, we made public our commitment to gender equality and equal conditions in the company, and we activated our Equality Plan with the aim of promoting equality and the representation of women within it.

This year, under the slogan "Every Day Is Women’s Day" from our Equality Committee we wanted to make some noise in order to reflect on the importance of achieving equality in all areas of our society: work, personal, and social too.

And that is the reason why we have organized, throughout the month, a series of events and actions to reinforce our commitment and create a space for dialogue and reflection that would help us to keep working in this direction.

Discussion round tables, information pills in the networks, and our Equality Committee speaking up the reasons why this should be everyone’s issue to address.

In the same line, the first week of March we were ending our Target Gender Equality programme, an accelerator programme organized by the United Nations Global Compact to accelerate the transition to an egalitarian work environment. A programme which has helped us to draft a plan and start defining internal objectives to work on.

Because the energy transition will not be possible without a more inclusive and egalitarian system, in which men and women enjoy the same opportunities and benefits. Our goal is not simply to make energy a more accessible vehicle for all, but a process in which we all participate equally. And that is the reason why from nabla we keep pushing in this direction.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), women account for only 21% of full-time positions in the wind energy sector. It is time for us to reverse the balance and to put our efforts into making those numbers grow.