Nabla Guardian

The latest hardware-software solution for wind turbine monitoring

Nabla Guardian is a 24/7 asset monitoring system, combining hardware and software to assess wind farm performance and loads. Nabla Guardian integrates:

  • The ultrasonic spinner anemometer iSpin, compliant with IEC61400-12.
  • Nabla IEC61400-28-compliant specific aeroelastic models.
  • Advanced performance measurement engine.
  • Advanced extreme loads detection engine.
  • Advanced fatigue accumulation measurement engine.

Nabla Guardian measurement

10Hz Frequency measurements

By combining iSpin and aeroelastic models, the system is capable of independently monitoring the following parameters:

  • Real Power Curve Measurement vs OEM IEC61400-12-2 compliant
  • Yaw Misalignment and impact in performance&loads
  • Real Rotor Speed vs OEM
  • Annual Energy Production
  • Wind speed
  • Air temperature
  • Inflow angle
  • Turbulence Intensity
  • Extreme loads per component IEC61400-28 compliant
  • Fatigue accumulation and time to failure per component IEC61400-28 compliant

Nabla Guardian monitoring

Immediate underperformance RCA

In case of detecting underperformance, the system automatically allows identification/elimination of 8 possible causes:

  1. Yaw Misalignment
  2. Incorrect Rotor Speed relative to given wind conditions
  3. Incorrect Vin and Vout relative to given wind conditions
  4. Incorrect Pitch Angle
  5. Incorrect measurements from the nacelle anemometer
  6. High Turbulence Intensity
  7. Excessive/Optimizable WSM
  8. Ice Accretion (with its impact on loads as well)

Nabla guardian vs LCOE

Impact in Business Case

  • Mitigation measure against long-term CP (Power Curve) degradation
  • Data for Performance or Failure Root Cause Analyses (RCAs)
  • Availability optimization through predictive maintenance for proactive actions and spare parts stock
  • Asset health status reporting at any time (Life Detection/Extension for M&As)
  • Non-interference with FSA (Full Service Agreement) or O&M (Operation and Maintenance): completely innocuous for the machine
  • Win-win with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): provides more information for customer improvements
  • High-precision measurements as a foundation for mid-life retrofit studies (rotor, controller, aerodynamics), or partial repowering actions
  • Prevents big cracks/failures (extreme loads and fatigue monitoring) avoiding financial but also reputational risk
  • Allows met mast-equivalent resource characterization (in 10Hz and much cheaper than using met mats in the site)
  • LCOE reduction and better asset’s bankability

Nabla Guardian setup

Setup: Leading and Basic Positions

Nabla Guardian’s hardware combines 2 types of spinner anemometer:

  • 3-sensor version: the most complete anemometer setup, able to catch 10Hz frequency of data, even in idling. This version is completed with a compass unit, which enables wind direction, pressure and temperature measurement. The combination of 3-sensor version and compass is what we define as a Leading Position, equivalent to a met mast, providing high quality data which is also used for neighboring positions equipped with 1-sensor systems. 20% of the wind turbines are equipped with this system.
  • 1-sensor version: an optimized system, cheaper than the 3-sensor version, which is installed near the Leading Position. Normally 80% of the systems are equipped with this system. It can provide 10-min bins, equivalent to SCADA. Defined as ; Basic Positions.

Nabla Guardian Long Term

Setup: System availability

Nabla Guardian system is designed to deliver in long period (30 years) with Full Service (extended warranty) granting a minimum yearly availability of 90%.

Nabla Guardian can measure all parameters with iSpin "1 sensor" version (Basic Position), which will need to be complemented with Leading Positions.

Any failure of a position can be monitored by interpolation until repair.

Nabla Guardian FSA

Training and FSA

Nabla Wind Hub will provide the customer with the corresponding manuals and online workshops allowing the customer to effectively install and calibrate the iSpins, contributing to build those capacities in-house. This service will include:

  • A workshop and materials for iSpin Installation and onsite calibration
  • A workshop and materials for iSpin maintenance

This training is a pre-requisite for nabla offering a long term 90% of availability backed with contractual penalties.