root cause analysis

technical forensics for claims

Our senior team gathers expertise in wind Technology, loads, operation, aerodynamics, wind modeling an all the relevant fields needed to understand the technical cause of a failure, but we also hold long experience with regards to contractual matters, related to EPC and O&M.

In nabla wind hub we also play a key role for assessing our clients to protect their interests:

  • Independent and multitechnology experts to empower client’s position when dealing with key suppliers and stakeholders
  • Specialized and certified technical analysis are key factor for arbitrations and negotiations
  • Nabla's root cause analysis grant accurate forensic report to support client’s demands towards any other liable party
  • Deep technical knowledge to provide excellent risk assessment when developing, managing or redeveloping wind farms
  • Nabla is an excellent partner for any private or public entity dealing with wind energy, contributing to grant sustainability and energy efficiency

All our key CVs allow us to deliver the best Support in claims and litigations.