reliability models

the big picture in the long term

The perfect add-on to our Life Analysis, mapping on the long term all the non-fatigue related risks, and their mitigation or delay.

The Reliability Model developed by Nabla Wind Hub is a tool which provides key information for:

  • O&M full program management optimization of the wind farm, not only associated to fatigue-based Life Extension programs (Fatigue Failures), but also taking into account technical guarantee issues (Infant Mortality) and unforeseen events (Random Failures) that can affect the assets, therefore,
  • determining the technical and financial risk profiles of failure per component, and in consequence giving the basis for,
  • refining in detail the business case associated to its operation, from short to long term (Life Extension and O&M operations), based on international market standard costs.

For such purpose, this report will show a comparison between 2 long-term scenarios, with and without the advantages of a Life Extension program.

This Reliability Model will focus on all these "Variable" risk/costs, not included in the Competitive Standard Scope O&M, specifically:

  • Structural Components\' Corrective (CAPEX) and Preventive (additional OPEX) Actions.
  • Operational Components\' Corrective (CAPEX) and Preventive (additional OPEX) Actions. Excluding Electric Components (generator, converter, and transformer).

The idea behind is to give sufficient visibility to improve the SPV\'s yearly result.

Summing up, the Reliability Model concludes for the whole Wind Farm:

  • Failure Distributions per component with and without Preventive Actions:
    • Per component (e.g. hub, blades)
    • Per type of component (e.g. Structural and Operational)
    • Total per Wind Farm

  • O&M Corrective and Preventive Costs Distribution per component
    • Maintenance Action CBS - Cost Breakdown Structure
    • Maintenance Action Downtime

  • Preventive actions are classed as OPEX
    • Per component (e.g. hub, blades)
    • Per type of component (e.g. Structural and Operational)
    • Per type of cost (e.g. CAPEX, OPEX, Corrective, Preventive)
    • Total per Wind Farm
Failures per type of component
Wind farm cost distribution per type of component