see what is visible

Wind farm field inspections on a representative selection of units is key for a better understanding of the actual status of the components and Life Consumption regime, including eventual clues that can lead to the identification on main Life Consumption causes, as part of the practical assessment to see "what is visible".

Such selection of units is normally based on SCADA records, Maintenance Track Record and site-specific conditions (e.g. wake effects, high inflow angles, local orography details) provided by the client.

Nabla wind hub field inspections are based on a specific check-list and focus on the verification of status of main structural components such as:

  • Foundations
  • Tower
  • Yaw Gear
  • Mainframe
  • Drive Train Elements
  • Blades

Together with the results of the inspections and their description, actions will be provided linked to the most common root causes:

  • Containment Actions
  • Corrective Actions
  • Preventive Actions

Depending on the results of the visual inspections, and track record analysis, other more specific inspections add-ons can be carried out by nabla wind hub at client request, such as:

  • Gearbox and Bearings Videoendoscopies
  • Electrical Systems Thermographies
  • Foundations detail cracks measurement