hybridisation projects

Increase your site efficiency

Co-location of PV, H2, or other clean generation sources is becoming a popular solution, which in nabla wind hub we celebrate and salute, as we opine that the combination of mature renewable technologies, among them, or with new ones, is a high efficiency scenario, both in power production and environmental angles.

Co-location scheme wind-PV

Nabla wind hub provides hybridisation impacts evaluations, from the perspective of the "hosting" technology, the wind turbines, who need to justify the reinvestment.

Such strategies will be based on:

  • The Life Expectancy Analysis results
  • Wind farm production results
  • O&M track records to take into account possible non-structural components impact (such as generator, transformers etc.)
  • Other aspects as technology used in each wind farm and its compatibility with future redevelopment/repowering strategies that can be more beneficial from am economical point of view

Strategies examples that will be evaluated are those that can impact in a different way in each asset and that will be, from a loads (fatigue) point of view, evaluated. Different options are:

  1. Design a curtailment strategy for all the wind turbines, that in theory create a lower loads impact for most of the components
  2. Stop completely different wind turbines in a time basis so all of them are in the long-term accumulating the same fatigue accumulation, trying to balance this in the smartest way the wind farm can offer
  3. Others, depending the case

Standard horizon of 40 year will be also assessed for this type of Assets.