exploratory life analysis

see what is invisible

Identifying the life expectancy per turbine component per wind farm, and identifying and evaluating causes that may lead to a premature time to failure which are not visible during a practical assessment.

class B (80%)


Nabla wind hub's life analysis is the process for which the causes of structural life consumption of wind turbines Security SSCs (Structure, System or Component) are modeled and analyzed per each wind site in order to:

  • Redefine design life of turbine components according to each wind site specific conditions.
  • Provide effective damage mitigation strategies based on the causes and the avoidance of most life consuming conditions.

It is based on a simple principle:

  • Turbines are designed against standard and regulated wind conditions which are usually exceed real site wind records.
  • This implies that in spite of wind turbines being designed for a 20-year life, in reality their design life can vary from site to site and usually can be extended.

life detection per component

P80 Data Table