The 5 principles for the care and preservation of the environment the wind industry must adopt

The 5 principles for the care and preservation of the environment the wind industry must adopt

09 Jun 2023

While wind energy offers immense potential for sustainable power generation, it is essential for the industry to adopt guiding principles that ensure environmental protection and long-term ecological sustainability.

In celebration of the World Environmental Day and Global Wind Day taking place this month of June, from Nabla Wind Hub we wanted to explore and share five crucial principles we believe the wind industry must embrace to become responsible guardians of the environment.

  1. Invest in energy efficiency plans

Energy efficiency plays a significant role in reducing our carbon footprint and optimizing resource utilization. From adopting energy-saving practices in our factories/enterprises to implementing efficient technologies and infrastructure in our wind farms, we can make a substantial positive impact on the ecosystem.

Adopting energy efficiency strategies empowers us to reduce our energy consumption while maximizing the benefits derived from our wind farms.

  1. Advocate for a sustainable and sober wind energy industry

In line with the above, addressing our excessive energy consumption has become critical in order to achieve a sustainable energy future.

Our wind industry is already a mature industry that has to look beyond technological growth, towards limits set by the control and reality of the environment. Limiting growth and embracing energy sobriety has become imperative to reduce our ecological footprint. Instead of solely focusing on expanding renewable energy production, we need to emphasize consuming less, making conscious choices related to our asset management, and prioritizing environmental preservation.

  1. Adopt the circular economy model

In the same way the wind industry should strive to minimize its environmental footprint at every stage of a project's lifecycle. From manufacturing and transportation to construction and operation, adopting sustainable practices that will reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation.

Prioritizing resource efficiency, recycling, and responsible waste management helps mitigate the industry's environmental impact and promotes circular economy principles.

  1. Support a responsible wind energy development

While wind energy is key component in the renewable energy landscape, it is essential to ensure its responsible development to guarantee the respect towards the environment. Large-scale wind farms and new repowering projects can have unintended consequences, including ecological disruption and landscape degradation. We must prioritize sustainable practices, focusing on smaller-scale installations, life extension projects to make the most out of our assets, and considering the effects on local ecosystems and communities.

  1. Urgency to democratize the energy

To democratize energy means turning the energy consumers of today into managers and decision makers. To promote a model that allows easy access to energy for all.

Today, a principle that encompasses all of the above is the one that enrolls in the industry the citizen participation and environmental impact. Empowering communities and promoting citizen participation are essential in shaping the wind energy projects of today and those of tomorrow.

Furthermore, environmental impact statements and stronger regulations need to be considered as they are necessary to ensure responsible development and mitigate potential harm to ecosystems. Public engagement fosters transparency, accountability, and better decision-making, ultimately leading to more sustainable outcomes.

Energy democracy, efficiency, circularity, citizen participation, and responsible industry development are the keys with which the balanced and equitable wind energy future will be achieved. Let's raise awareness and work to make these principles the core of our industry, a true renewable one.

Source of inspiration – Maria José Parejo, RNE, Radio 3; "El bosque habitado" podcast - Episode: "Sobriedad, Sobriedad, Sobriedad Energética" in conversations with Joaquín Araujo, writer and naturalist, and Luis Bolonio, biodiversity conservation and development cooperation technician.